Guest judge @ SPDS

I was very happy to act as a guest judge for the Society for Pharmaceutical Dissolution Science. For the last 10 years, my group has been passionate about developing novel release assays and it was good to have a conference putting this important part of drug product development in the spotlight. Students from all over India submitted their work on drug release testing. Congratulations to the finalists.

Save the Environment

It is really difficult to publish translational manuscripts these days, but this is a prime example of a good collaboration between pharmaceutical and environmental sciences. As pharmaceutical scientists, we sometimes have to use a certain material to facilitate drug therapy. But if we have a choice and more than one coating or one polymer actually works, why not choose the one which is best for the environment? This study helps you sort that out.

Predicting Nanomedicines

A wide variety of models have been established to predict the performance of nanomedicines for the peroral route of administration, but only a handful for injectables. Liposomal temoporfin has been evaluated in a phase I clinical trial. This investigation was focused on the prediction of the performance of liposomes in humans using preclinical in vitro and in vivo data. Congratulations to our young researcher Laura Jablonka who is responsible for this great accomplishment. Also, it is a prime example for international collaborations by involving researchers from Germany and Singapore…

Best Abstract Award @ AAPS

We were informed that Ge Fiona Gao received the Best Abstract Award for the AAPS Annual Meeting 2019 with her abstract “Elucidating Human Pharmacokinetics of a Subcutaneous Microparticle Depot Formulation: Impact of Drug Formulation, Patient Population and Clinical Setting“. We are proud to have her in our team and wish her a successful visit at the conference in San Antonio, Texas!

Our paper @ Adv Drug Del Rev

Our new article on the challenges associated with market translation of nanotechnology-related products has been accepted by Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews.

The international team of experts has done a great job in providing their expertise. Thanks to you Margareth Marques (USP), Choo Qiuyi (HSA), Mukul Ashtikar (Fraunhofer IME), Thais Correa Rocha (ANVISA) and Susanne Bremer-Hoffmann (EC-JRC).

Expert @ USP

For the next term from 2020 to 2025 I will join the USP Expert Panel on New Advancements in Product Performance Testing. A workshop will take place in December 2019 to share our latest experiences with novel drug release methods. Please check the USP website for further information…