PhD positions available!

We are searching for motivated candidates who are willing to pursue a PhD at the National University of Singapore. International students can either apply for a SINGA fellowship or get in contact with us to learn more about the NUS research scholarships provided by the university. Please send your application to applications [a] nanomedicines [dot] de. Knowledge in biopharmacy and formulation development is an advantage but not a requirement. Mostly we are searching for highly motivated students with good language (English) and communication skills.

Best Abstract Award @ AAPS

We were informed that Ge Fiona Gao received the Best Abstract Award for the AAPS Annual Meeting 2019 with her abstract “Elucidating Human Pharmacokinetics of a Subcutaneous Microparticle Depot Formulation: Impact of Drug Formulation, Patient Population and Clinical Setting“. We are proud to have her in our team and wish her a successful visit at the conference in San Antonio, Texas!

Our paper @ Adv Drug Del Rev

Our new article on the challenges associated with market translation of nanotechnology-related products has been accepted by Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews.

The international team of experts has done a great job in providing their expertise. Thanks to you Margareth Marques (USP), Choo Qiuyi (HSA), Mukul Ashtikar (Fraunhofer IME), Thais Correa Rocha (ANVISA) and Susanne Bremer-Hoffmann (EC-JRC).

PhD scholarships @ NUS

About the position

A PhD-student position within the field of nanomedicine is available in the Wacker Research Lab at the Department of Pharmacy of the National University of Singapore. Together with several partners from academia and the pharmaceutical industry, the candidate will work in an interdisciplinary translational research project developing high-end in vitro assays to predict the in vivo performance of nanotherapeutics for the subcutaneous route of administration.

About the research project

Today, many new compounds are characterized by low peroral bioavailability as well as a short plasma half-life. In particular, the rapidly growing market of biopharmaceuticals has been addressed by the development of microparticle and nanoparticle formulations acting as a depot in the interstitial fluid. Although the physiology of the subcutaneous tissue is known, the intertwined kinetic processes which influence pharmacokinetics of the drug have only insufficiently been investigated. Aim of this project is the development of novel formulations of peptides and proteins which resist the physiological environment and can be released into the blood. To test these formulations a novel in vitro release and diffusion assay in combination with physiologically-based pharmacokinetic modeling will be utilized.

Requirements and conditions

The PhD-position’s main objective is to qualify for work in research positions. Admission criteria of the National University of Singapore (including an interview) and the scholarship program must be met.

General admission criteria of research-based programs
Conditions of the NUS scholarship


  • A master’s degree or equivalent education within natural sciences (perferably in pharmacy) providing strong skills and knowledge in nanotechnology/engineering, biopharmaceutics, pharmacokinetics.
  • A strong academic record of a master or equivalent education
  • Excellent English skills, spoken and written

What matters for us?

  • The candidates’ personality and motivation for the position
  • Ability to work independently as well as in transdisciplinary teams
  • It is an advantage to have experience in:
    • Biopharmaceutics and PBPK modeling
    • In vitro drug release or dissolution testing
    • Development or formulation of nanodelivery systems
    • R, Stella, GastroPlus, SimCyp, Certara Phoenix
  • Personal characteristics:
    • Efficient and well organized
    • Accountable
    • Ambitious
    • Curious
    • Creative

In the evaluation of which candidate is best qualified, emphasis will be placed on education, experience and personal suitability, as well as motivation, in terms of the qualification requirements specified in the advertisement

For further information please contact including a cover letter, CV and other relevant information (certificates etc.).