Archive February 2021

Targeting the Brain

Our latest research article will appear in the journal Molecules soon. Here we explore the pharmacokinetics and in vitro properties of the drug formulations NanoCore-6.4 and NanoCore-7.4. Both polymeric nanocarrier formulations attract lipoproteins endowing them with a lipid-like biological identity. This leads to enhanced uptake in the brain. In the in vivo setting, the capacity of brain uptake depends on the drug release in the blood plasma that constantly reduces the payload of the carrier. Therefore, our simulations contribute to a better understanding of the brain delivery process, qualitatively and quantitatively. Furthermore, we were able to show that a small shift in the drug release had a considerable effect on pharmacokinetics. This is a way to measure the effectiveness of the loading strategy and allows a quality-by-design approach in carrier development.

Kovshova T, Osipova N, Alekseeva A, Malinovskaya J, Belov A, Budko A, Pavlova G, Maksimenko O, Nagpal S, Braner S, Modh H, Balabanyan V, Wacker MG and Gelperina S (2021); Exploring the interplay between drug release and targeting of lipid-like polymer nanoparticles loaded with doxorubicin, Molecules (2021)

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